Staff Bios - Peter H

Peter H is a contributing writer and recapper, host of Glove Up or Shut Up every Wednesday at 9PM ET on the AngryMarks Podcast Network, and co-host of Thursday Night AMP every Thursday at 9PM ET.

Peter has been a fan of pro wrestling ever since Wrestlemania 4, and is still a fan today, although he is leaning more towards the MMA world nowadays. He started with UFC 65 (Hughes vs GSP 2) and has been to one UFC event (UFC 124, GSP vs Koschek 2)

Peter lives in Ottawa, ON and has lived almost literally coast-to-coast in Canada (has lived as far west as British Columbia and as far east as Nova Scotia). As far as wrestling is concerned he has seen Raw, Smackdown, and been to numerous house shows but has yet to go to a PPV event.

Since 2008, Peter has ran in ten 5km races and also competed in a triathlon in 2009.