Staff Bios - Mike Siciliano

Mike Siciliano is the host of The Mike Siciliano Show every Sunday on the AngryMarks Podcast Network, as well as writer for his contributing editorial A Fan's View.

A 40 year old father of three, Mike has been writing about pro wrestling for upwards of eight years.  Spanning multiple websites and a myriad of topics, Siciliano has been all over the spectrum with a loud opinion, and an even louder voice to match.  Often heard as a co-host on the "Pro Wrestling Rewind", Mike garnered a reputation for chaos and mayhem, and a basic philosophy of his idea of pro wrestling - "Shut up and fight!"

A fan of all the majors, Siciliano has followed wrestling solidly for close to ten years.  Writing about it almost happened as an accident, when Mike sent an application in to a site almost on a joke, and got accepted to recap Smackdown.  It wasn't too much longer before the reigns were removed, and the beginnings of Mike's op-ed columns started. 

Mike has a myriad of wrestling memories, but most of them revolve around the independent circuit, mostly, ROH, as he has only attended a couple of WWE live events.   He has met his fair share of talents for autograph signings, but live events, are another story.  The top 10 most memorable moments Mike has been in attendance for are:

10.  Hogan teaming with Triple H to take on the nWo.
  9.  Seeing Mitsuharu Misawa perform live in New York City for ROH.
  8.  Seeing Dragon Gate USA (Austin Aries' last indy appearance before joining Impact Wrestling) 
  7.  Having John Cena comment on my family at an autograph signing. 
  6.  The last show before the brand extension.  (Bubba Ray commenting on Stacy Keibler having the best ass they've ever seen.) 
  5.  Nigel McGuinness defending the ROH World title vs. KENTA with two injured arms. 
  4.  CM Punk signing his WWE contract on top of the ROH World title. 
  3.  Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan's) win and loss of the ROH World title. 
  2.  Homicide's win of the ROH World title, and the near riot that almost occurred in the Manhattan Center beforehand.  
  1.  ROH's Ladder War II:  Eddie Edwards competed in this match with his arm in a plaster cast from his armpit to his wrist, bent at the elbow.

He's been called loud, brash, egotistical, and crazy.  He has an opinion on anything, and will share it with anyone at anytime.  A frequent web surfer, Mike spends a lot of time keeping tabs on the business, and will talk wrestling at any time, and at any place.,,