Staff Bios - Zach O'Brien

"Celtic" Zach O'Brien is our MMA news editor and recapper, covering The Ultimate Fighter and Bellator Fighting Championships as well as other pro wrestling and MMA shows.  He is also a contributing co-host of Glove Up or Shut Up on the AngryMarks Podcast Network.

Being one of the younger members of the AngryMarks team, I got my first taste of watching pro wrestling right in the thick of the WWF Attitude Era and fell in love with the personalities of Kane, Undertaker, DX, the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. I was live at the infamous DX Invasion of WCW in Hampton as they went to nearby Norfolk where WCW Nitro was taping. I fell out of touch for several years when Raw was put on a channel I didn't get from our cable company, but when I was in high school I found that it had moved back to USA Network, and I was able to watch again. I was surprised to see some familiar faces such as the re-imagined DX, Kane (though I was sad to see him unmasked and talking) and even the Undertaker. I still, to this day, watch Raw and sometimes SmackDown if I can, and am still a fan of the bigger stronger guys then the little high flyers.

MMA became a part of my fanship after being invited out to the bar with a couple friends a few years ago. After watching a few strong knockouts in my first PPV, I was an instant fan. I slowly began to pick up on a lot of the fighters names, strengths, weaknesses, and various terms of the ring and submissions. I continue to try to get out to the local Buffalo Wild Wings when I can to catch the fights, but those I can't, I read the recaps here.

I stumbled upon back in March of 2007 while trying to find information about the upcoming WWE music CD. I was hooked afterwards as I was able to listen to some fun podcasts, and got to find out a bunch of news my friends and I did not know. I continued to read and listen all the way to this year and I finally decided to become a part of the AngryMarks family. I started joining the chatroom for the shows and podcasts and eventually I offered to take over the recaps for The Ultimate Fighter and after a impressing the bossman of AngryMarks with my first recap of a Bellator show on MTV2, I was hooked and took over the Bellator recapping as well. Other then that, if I'm free I have taken over a few other various recaps when a substitute was needed due to one reason or another, and also have become the third chair on the MMA podcast Glove Up or Shut Up.