Staff Bios - KingJ

KingJI'm originally from New Jersey and have been exposed to wrestling since before I can remember. I never got to meet my great grandmother Katherine but I've been told she was a die hard wrestling fan and used to watch it religiously and watched the wars between the Nature Boy Ric Flair and Rowdy Roddy Piper. Wrestling must be in my blood. The first match I remember seeing is a match between the Undertaker vs Ultimate Warrior and it scared the crap out of me! But for some reason I couldn't get enough and had to sneak to watch wrestling after my bedtime.

I sporadically watched off and on for a few years until 1998 when Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart and Debra were feuding with D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry. Before I was allowed to watch wrestling though, I had to promise my mother that I knew it wasn't real, (she herself watched wrestling every week, mainly for The Rock). From that point on I was hooked and watched weekly. I didn't become aware of WCW until 1999 when I moved to Virginia. ECW was a big thing in Jersey at the time and I occasionally got to see some of their tv episodes.

It wasn't until middle school when I met someone else who liked wrestling as much as I did (angrymarks own, Ciara). I used to plan storylines and how I would eventually become a wrestler and debut and conquer the WWE. Wrestling has always been a constant in my life, even though it wasn't always popular; I always watched it and appreciated the hard work the wrestlers put in. I bought every magazine, watched every match I could and did as much research as I could to learn the history of this amazing business. Even though I'm not a wrestler and not "officially" in the business, I respect everyone who attempts to do this and has the passion to make the sport work for them.

I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Graphic Design and hope to in some way impact the world of art and wrestling in the biggest way possible.