Pro Wrestling Podcast #28

Date: 08/08 9:15 PM
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Written by Stevie J

It's been a long time (we shouldn't have left you) and we apologize for the delay. The Podcast is back again! We've got some new theme music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network, please check them out at Killa Kev and I spent just over an hour discussing all of the latest in pro wrestling, have a lively debate about wrestlers needing health insurance, read a LOT of e-mail feedback, and then wrap up with our thoughts on the week in television. As always our thanks to our sponsors at Rocketbusta Radio and Join us again at the same time next week as we'll discuss another week in wrestling starting with tomorrow's Impact all the way through Sunday's Hard Justice PPV and next week's live WWE shows. Don't forget to check out on Sunday night for live play-by-play from the PPV as it happens! Thanks to all of our readers and listeners for their support. AMP IS BACK BABY~!

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