08/24/07: Notes from UFC 74 Question & Answer Session

Date: 08/24 4:43 PM
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Written by Lady J

Our own Stevie J provides the following notes from the UFC Fight Club Member Q&A session:

Q&A guests were Dana White, Mike Swick and Forrest Griffin. Swick showed up late and Dana ribbed him about not "being so quick" after all.

Dana White says that he's meeting with Brock Lesnar tomorrow and would like to bring him in to UFC. He says he'd also like to see knees to the head allowed someday.

White also says that he has no reason to sign Frank Shamrock.

He acknowledges that the Guida vs. Griffin fight needs to be rematched, and many people felt that Guida got robbed.

Forrest Griffin says he goes to bed every day knowing that he's done everything in training that he needs to do to beat Shogun Rua.

Matt Serra and Matt Hughes will fight after the next season of Ultimate Fighter. The winner of that match will face the winner of Saturday's fight between Josh Koscheck and Georges St. Pierre. White added that Hughes will really be hated after this next season of Ultimate Fighter. Judging by the preview footage shown of the new season that's entirely possible.

Dana White says that Wanderlei Silva will have his first UFC fight in December of this year. He added that he's also working hard to sign Fedor Emelianenko.

White says that a figher's union would never work, and Griffin jokingly says that no one would pay dues.

White stated that if Lightweight Champ Sean Sherk loses his appeal, he'll be stripped of the belt.

Swick was asked what happened with the fight against Chris Leben. Swick basically said that he offered to fight Leben at any weight but the chickenshit turned it down (so what kind of man is he, et cetera).

White says that Vegas is UFC's home and always will be. He adds that steroids are a big witch hunt and that the government does all of the testing. Other sports suspend a guy a few games but MMA fighters lose a whole year of making a living. White says he can't hold fighters' hands. They have to be responsible because they know the penalties.

White added that UFC is kicking HBO Boxing's ass. He said that UFC will do its HBO deal "our own way on our own terms." He also said that UFC wants to come to Canada in a bad way, but it's difficult because they have to work around hockey.

Most of the questions asked were directed to White. Many people who stepped up to the podium said they just wanted to tell Griffin they really liked him and he kicked ASS but had nothing specific to ask him. Swick as noted showed up late and answered general questions directed to the whole group but was asked very few specific questions by anyone in the audience.

Weigh-ins begin at 3:00pm PST. We'll have details as soon as they become available!

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