Strikeforce Results: Live at the Playboy Mansion

Date: 09/29 11:54 PM
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Written by Stevie J

We'll bring you up to date on all the action that's took place and post the rest of the results as they occur. Thanks to for their help with the results and to Yahoo! Sports for streaming the show.

Miguel Linares vs. Anthony Figueroa

Figueroa gets the win at 2:09 of R1 via strikes. Linares was getting popped by the shorter Figueroa throughout the round before the stoppage and Marcos Rosales was forced to jump in after Linares got stunned and Figueroa hit him with several unchecked shots until he went down.

Luke Stewart vs. Sam Liera

Stewart gets the TKO at 3:40 of the first round. Liera did well at first, reversing a takedown and ending up on top in half-guard. Stewart reverses back, takes mount, and waits for his chance to strike. The first set of punches don't do much damage but the second features two hard rights and Liera turtles up, forcing Cecil Peoples to step in and call the fight.

Eddy Millis vs. Daniel McWilliams

McWilliams wins via tap out to a choke at 2:05 of R1. He had been consistantly looking for a submission, trying a guillotine on the feet before Millis fell into guard. Millis tried a heel hook and missed, McWilliams mounted and quickly finished the fight.

Adam Smith vs. Dewey Cooper

Sherdog gives the first round to Cooper 10-9. Smith seemed to take a kick to the groin but the judge Marcus Rosales ignored it. Round two is given to Smith on the Sherdog card by the same margin. Smith was scoring strikes to the body on the fence and got a mount but was unable to ground'n'pound him out and it got stood up as the round ends. Cooper took R3 10-9 on the Sherdog card. Rosales had to stand up the fighters again for lack of action on the ground, which is where it ended up when Smith got rocked by two lefts but went for and got a takedown. Judges Nelson Hamilton and Abe Belardo score it 29-28 and Luis Cobian scores it 29-27 for the winner Dewey Cooper.

Richard Dalton vs. Daniel Puder

Dalton and Puder goes all three rounds. Puder a.empted a guillotine and a kimura before the end of R1 but couldn't finish. Dalton rushed in at the start of R2 and got Puder against the fence but Peoples eventually stood them up from guard. Puder got a slight edge according to Sherdog but the round reads like a stalemate. R3 had Dalton put in a headlock and Puder landed several knees. Dalton responded with a right to his chin. Puder did more damage overall and all three judges score it 30-27 for Daniel Puder.

Falaniko Vitale vs. Ron Fields

Fields taps to strikes at 3:02 of the first round and Vitale is the winner. He dropped Fields to the mat with a double-leg takedown and was all over him for the rest of the round. Fields had nowhere to go.

Bill Mahood vs. Bobby Southworth

This was a bizarre fight. Mahood suddenly gave a verbal submission at 1:15 of the round for no reason that could be discerned watching it live on Yahoo! Sports. The announcers eventually explain that Mahood had one or several of his ribs broken when Southworth had side control and was throwing body strikes.

Matt Lee vs. Jorge Masvidal

Peoples called a halt to the fight at 1:33 of the first round for the winner Jorge Masvidal. Lee was trying to strike early but ate a counter left hand, got taken down, and was struck out with standing right elbows and big right hands.

Clint Coronel vs. Billy Evangelista

Coronel managed to cut the side of Evangelista's right eye open during the round. Looks 10-9 for Coronel. Same for round two - he puts together a body to head strike combo and Evangelista has to backpedal, basically being outstruck until the end of the round when he gets in a hard leg kick and a right. Oddly enough the judges don't see it that way after round three, which was close and could have gone either way - Coronel was jabbing but Evangelista got the first takedown of the match and rained down strikes. Coronel got to his feet right before the horn. The score was 29-28 for Coronel and 29-28, 30-27 for the split decision winner Billy Evangelista.

Adam Lynn vs. Josh Thomson

This fight is over before the end of the first round. The first minute and a half is a big snooze but eventually Thomson trips Lynn hard to the ground. Lynn works back to his feet and nails Thomson with a knee to the gonad. Thomson gets a time-out to recover but Lynn rushes in and puts him against the fence afterwards. Thomson breaks away and suddenly drops Lynn with a big right, pouncing on him for the finish at 4:45.

Joe 'Diesel' Riggs vs. Eugene Jackson

Riggs wins his MMA debut in round one. We'll have the official time in just a moment. Jackson escaped an armbar but not much else. Riggs got the mount and hit ground'n'pound at will, raining down blows on the 41 year-old until the fight was stopped. Kendra wants to know if Diesel is from the UFC and her co-commentator says he's been in UFC "one of many organizations in mixed martial arts." The official time is 3:56 of R1 for Riggs, the winner by KO.

Gilbert Melendez vs. Tetsuji Kato

This is the final fight of the night as the undefeated Melendez is the Strikeforce main event. I have to say the live Yahoo! stream is cool but a little weird - not just because it occasionally glitches and freezes at times but because there are often long periods of silence between fights and post-fight interviews and fights to come. Hopefully this will also re-air on Showtime in a deal with EliteXC. Kato comes out first to "No Woman, No Cry" by Bob Marley. Kato and Melendez end up in the fence early but when they come back to center Melendez throws some bombs and lands a big right which wobbles Kato. He jumps right into Kato's guard looking to finish but is unable to break through. With about 90 seconds left Melendez lands some big hammer fists but the fight continues. Kato's face looks pretty swollen as they get back to their feet. I give the round 10-9 to Melendez with ease, hell it's almost a 10-8.

Melendez is largely outstriking Kato in round two although he's throwing the occasional kick at the body to counter and create distance. To be honest this is a largely boring round and if it even went to the ground once it wasn't when I was looking. Melendez probably takes this one 10-9 too just for throwing and landing more strikes.

Stand-up war continues in round three. Melendez hits a big knee with about a minute to go and seems entirely content to stay on his feet until the final horn. I'll be fucking amazed if this isn't a unanimous decision for Melendez. Okay here are the cards - all three judges score it 30-27 and to no surprise whatsoever Melendez gets the decision. Even though he was unable to finish he simply outclassed Kato on the feet and didn't let him do anything else. That's it for Strikeforce tonight!

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