12/12/07: WWE News on Flair, Hogan, Royal Rumble & More

Date: 12/12 5:20 PM
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Written by Stevie J

WWE signed Ric Flair's son Reid to a developmental deal last week, but he won't be reporting to Florida Championship Wrestling until after the holidays. Some may recall that Reid had a brief role in an angle in WCW with Vince Russo (ugh). (PWI)

The Hulkster will be doing another set of American Gladiators tapings on December 21st in Culver City, CA. The show will likely get a much longer run than originally expected due to the ongoing writer's strike and how badly NBC needs programming. (PWI) This of course contradicts the view that Hogan was not in a "position of power" when he came back to Raw on Monday night, and that he had to whistle Vince McMahon's tune the whole time. It's far more likely that NBC & Universal leaned on WWE to make sure Hogan would be on the show, whether Vince liked it or not. Regardless many people backstage got a good laugh at Hulk Hogan's promo putting over WWE because earlier in the year he mostly talked negatively about the company since they wouldn't give him what he to appear at WrestleMania.

Jillian Hall was NOT bullshitting when she said her Christmas album would be on iTunes on Monday night - the album is available and has five tracks. Anybody brave (or stupid) enough to download and listen to this album please send us a review.

Tickets for Royal Rumble 2008 in New York City will go on sale during either the last weekend of December or the first weekend of January. (PWI)

Tickets for the post-WrestleMania 24 Smackdown/ECW taping go on sale on January 19th, 2008 at 10:00 AM EST. The show will be at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL. (PWI)

Last but not least for what it's worth (not much in my book) Brooke Adams has announced that she will be posing for Playboy soon. If you remember that Brooke was in the Raw Diva Search or Extreme Expose on ECW, cheers to you. I had already forgotten she was ever there.

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