12/15/07: WWE Developmental Call-Ups, Mick Foley & More News

Date: 12/15 10:20 AM
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Written by Stevie J

Nattie Neidhart, daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart and recently associated with the aborted Hart Foundation 2.0, was on the recent overseas Smackdown tour of Europe and worked some matches with Michelle McCool and Victoria. It seems everyone from Vince McMahon to Johnny Ace praised her work on the tour and she is expected to be called up to the main roster very soon. (PWT) Nattie is not the only name from developmental moving up though - Dr. Gabrielle Young, who hosts a wrestling segment called "Ask Dr. Diva," mentioned on a recent show that Atlas DaBone would be appearing on Raw within three weeks. DaBone has been wrestling for about a year in Ohio Valley and is a ripped 6'4" guy with a perm hairdo straight out of the 1970's who is often compared to 'Superstar' Billy Graham. DaBone has had recent dark matches in front of WWE crowds against Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Vladimir Kozlov, losing to the former but beating the latter.

There was speculations in some circles that "Mankind" on Raw this Monday wasn't actually Mick Foley, since he didn't speak in the segment and his hair looked different. However on ECW on Tuesday night they aired a highlight video from Raw and showed a split second of Foley with his mask off after the broadcast ended, and there's a video on WWE.com after Raw of Foley sticking Socko in the mouth of Santino Marella while his son Huey watches. (LOP) Speaking of Foley he and Michael Hayes got into a major argument during a recent filming of the WWE Legends show which airs on WWE 24/7.Foley was adamant that the Vince McMahon "exploding limo" angle was in bad taste while Hayes one of the main people on the creative team vigorously defended the idea. (WO) Hopefully the whole thing airs uncut and unedited on 24/7.

This one should really have been in Friday Night's Absurd News but better late than never - Jillian Hall's debut album is actually ranked on the UK Holidays Top 100 chart at No. 20 on iTunes. Will wonders never cease! We'll have a review of the 5 song EP up later today.

Cyber Sunday looks to have been a big flop for WWE. The preliminary estimate has the show doing only 191,000 pay-per-view buys, the second lowest mark of the year, trailing only One Night Stand. (WO) This show featured Shawn Michaels' big return and an Undertaker vs. Batista title match with Stone Cold, JBL or Mick Foley as the special guest referee, so one might have expected it to do much better than that. Clearly nobody buys the internet voting as anything other than rigged, and/or like me believes that the only choices we do get to make are worthless - who cares if you can pick a stipulation if the same guy goes over in the match no matter what.

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