04/11/08: YAMMA Pit-Fighting Debuts Tonight - Full Details

Date: 04/11 7:11 PM
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Tonight at 10PM, we will see the debut of YAMMA Pit Fighting, a new MMA promotion brought to you by one of the founding fathers of MMA and a man responsible for the early, pre-ZUFFA UFC events, Bob Meyrowitz. The very first Yamma Fighting Championships will be tonight, 10PM Eastern on Pay-Per-View, (carried in virtually all markets except for DirecTV).

In what has been described as a "frying pan-looking surface surrounded by a cage", eight warriors will battle in a one night tournament to crown the first YAMMA World Heavyweight Champion. Featured in the tournament will be former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez, MMA-favorite Travis Wiuff, Marcelo Pereira, Sherman Pendergrast, Chris Tuscherer, Alexey Oleynik, Tony Sylvester and a man called GEORGE W. BUSH! (No I am not making that up, that IS his name).

Also scheduled for the show will be two big non-tournament superfights featuring combat sports legends. Former UFC Tournament Champion Oleg "The Russian Bear" Taktarov will battle a veteran of the early PRIDEFC shows, Mark Kerr. Also, Patrick Smith (replacing Gary Goodridge), a veteran of UFC 1 and 2, will square off against Butterbean.

This show will follow the "Unified Rules of Martial Arts", but with a twist. The first round and semi-final fights will be one, five-minute round and the finals will be three five-minute founds.

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