04/11/08: YAMMA Weigh-In Info & Alternate Bout Results

Date: 04/11 8:25 PM
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Written by Stevie J

We've got weigh-in results from mmaontap.com for tonight's YAMMA PPV. Additionally there are already fights taking place at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and thanks to Sherdog.com we have the early results!

Main Card:

Oleg Taktarov (221 lbs) vs. Mark Kerr (266 lbs)
Patrick Smith (240 lbs) vs. Eric “ Butterbean” Esch (416 lbs)

Tournament Fights:

Ricco Rodriguez (264 lbs) vs. George Bush (231 lbs)
Travis Wiuff (Pictures) (242 lbs) vs. Marcelo Pereira (219 lbs)
Chris Tuscherer (264 lbs) vs. Tony Sylvester (262 lbs)
Sherman Pendergarst (264 lbs) vs. Alexey Oleinik (220 lbs)
Antwain Britt (228 lbs) vs. Bryan Vetell (266 lbs)*
Lamont Lister (212 lbs) vs. Oleg Savitsky (199 lbs)*

* Britt-Vetell and Lister-Savitsky will serve as alternate bouts for the tournament. Ron Waterman will standby as an injury replacement. He weighed in at 264 pounds.

Two fights have already taken place at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and thanks to Sherdog.com we have the early results!

Lamont Lister vs. Oleg Savitsky
Lister lands a big right hand that collapses Savitsky. Just moments into the bout Lister pounces on his foe and punches away from back mount until referee Dan Murgliotta intervenes. The end comes at 33 seconds of the first round. WINNER VIA TKO: LAMONT LISTER.

Antwain Britt vs. Bryan Vetell
The fight is underway! Vetell clinches and pushes Britt back into the incline and onto his back. Vetell punching from the top from half guard. Vetell posts on Britt's face and elbows with the same arm. Britt has no answers as he is pinned against the incline eating elbows. The referee stands them up when things slow down. Britt takes advantage of the stand up with flurry of punches catching Vetell and forcing him to look for the clinch. Vetell gets the clinch but as he tries to pull guard Britt gets the mount. Britt unloads with punches until Vetell is saved by the round coming to an end. Sherdog gives the first round to Britt 10-9. The judges see it unanimously for Bryan Vetell 10-9. Unless I'm mistaken that means we have a WINNER: BRYAN VETELL. Since they are alternates and may have to fight tonight, they're under the same rules as the opening fights of the elimination tournament - one round only.

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