UFC 86: Jackson vs. Griffin PPV Live Recap

Date: 07/05 8:55 PM
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Written by Stevie J

We'll be bringing you coverage of the UFC 86 PPV LIVE so please hit F5 or refresh as often as you like for the updates.

UFC 86 is on the air! We're at Buffalo Wild Wings right now, we've been waiting for a table for nearly an hour, and my wife is ready to kill me. We're not waiting any longer though, so we're heading back home to catch this, Killa Kev is standing by to cover until we get back to Casa de J!

Tyson Griffin (155 lbs, 11-1) vs. Marcus Aurelio (155, 16-5)

Killa Kev here now as we've got the introductions for the first fight of the night, we got the tale of the tape, Bruce Buffer with the introductions, and Herb Dean is our referee. Griffin circling the ring quickly early on. They're feeling each other out, fans are already booing just a minute into the fight. Griffin advances on Aurelio towards the fence, then backs off. A lot of posing, no real strikes attempted yet. Aurelio tries to move in, Griffin puts him on the mat, moves in, Aurelio locks up an arm on Griffin, he escapes, then gets caught again with 2:40 left in Round 1. Griffin moves in and starts getting some punches connecting to Aurelio's head, but Aurelio moves into full guard, has Griffin caught. Griffin tries to pull out, then postures up, but Aurelio is still in full guard, goes for an armbar, Griffin escapes but they're staying tight in each other. Griffin lands a lot of good punche and finally escapes with 90 seconds left in the round. Both men are standing up, Griffin with an inside leg kick, swinging some punches, hitting some good combinations. Aurelio starts sparring more now, Griffin with a body shot and an uppercut with 30 seconds left, followed by some good leg kicks. Aurelio shoots with 10 seconds left, but Griffin turns it around and puts him on the fence, holding him until the horn sounds, ending Round 1. Aurelio has a cut under his right eye that they're trying to patch up.

Round 2 is on, and Griffin comes out swinging, Aurelio is on the defensive her. Griffin with more inside leg kicks and punch combos, rebuffing Aurelio's advances. Griffin looking for the uppercuts and kicks with 3:45 left in the round. Aurelio isn't getting much of anything in, so he decides t oshoot on Griffin again, puts him on the fence, Griffin reverss and tries to lock in a waistlock, puts in some knees to the legs and midsection. Aurelio tries to wrestle back and serves up his own knees. Griffin grabs Aurelio's right leg to cut that shit out, slams him to the mat. Griffin tries for half-guard, but Aurelio moves around and has a rear waistlock, is on Griffin's back, pulls him around and is going for a choke, but Griffin has room to wiggle out and gets the high position on Aurelio, delivering shots to the head and midsection. Aurelio tries for a triangle, then the gogoplata, but Griffin easily escapes. Aurelio moves into the rubber guard but isn't holding it right, Griffin is maintaining his posture and still hitting body shots. This was pretty much all Griffin as Round 2 comes to a close.

STEVIE J CHECKING IN for R3 of the fight. Leg kicks by Griffin to start the round as Aurelio tries to shoot in for a takedown. More leg kicks and Aurelio's leg is starting to get a little red, his stance seems uncertain. Rogan describes Griffin as winning a kickboxing war. 90 seconds in. Aurelio is looking gassed. Griffin stuffs another takedown attempt and Goldberg describes him as being in big trouble, and you can tell he is when he gets tagged with a hard right. He has no pop in any of his punches and Griffin is avoiding anything he throws with ease, then jabbing him and switching up at will with right-left, kick, kick, jab, et cetera. Rogan: "Looks better every time we see him." 1:45 left to go and the crowd is starting to boo because they want more. Griffin shoots in for a takedown to silence them and gets it. Aurelio is looking for any submission he can get and has a right arm locked up, but Griffin is trying to pop out and largely does, but Aurelio still wants to wrap legs around his neck if he can get them. No such luck. 10 seconds left and this one's going to the distance. Goldberg predicts a victory on the scorecard.


* Josh Koscheck v. Chris Lytle

Lytle is 35-15-4 and stands 5'11", weighing in at 170 pounds, He's fighting out of Indianapolis. Koscheck is 12-2, stands 5'10", weighs in at 170 even, and is fighting out of Fresno. Our ref in charge is Yves Lavigne. Goldberg explains that Koscheck is in the black trunks, as if he really needs to though given that ugly curly head full of hair that Koscheck has. Lytle is hoping to catch Koscheck with a big punch but he's staying out of range and throwing kicks. Lytle responds with a left head kick of his own. Now it's Koschek backing Lytle up at 90 seconds in. One lone boo is heard. They'd probably be booing more if this was on the ground. Koschek slips and lands on his ass trying to throw a high kick but he pops right back up. Lytle goes for a body kick, Koschek charges in for a takedown, Lytle nearly turns it into a guillotine but can't since it up and Koschek takes the top mount. Lavigne calls for more work when the fight stalls out on the ground. Koscheck looks to come over the top then jumps back into the guard again. 90 seconds left. Koschek keeps looking to posture up and throw elbows, but Lytle is holding him down pretty well most of the time. Rogan notes Lytle has excellent butterfly guard. Koscheck tries to spin to Lytle's back with 30 seconds to go but Lytle brings him back to guard. This round ends in a stalemate and the crowd is not pleased, although Koscheck throws a couple of hammerfists right at the end for emphasis. He may have taken R1.

Lytle's corner tells him that he'll catch Koschek sooner or later because he has no angles. Kos' corner tells him to keep Lytle honest. Arianny is at ringside as R2 gets underway with Lavigne yelling "FIGHT!" Lytle comes out and even throughs a spinning kick but Koscheck responds with a kick of his own. Big right swings and misses by Lytle. Koscheck goes for the takedown but Lytle sprawls and doesn't let him take control, then gets back to his feet. Koscheck gets the takedown on a second attempt but ends up in an ugly position with Lytle's arm around his neck. Koscheck gets out of it and is on top again looking to mount. Koscheck postures up and tees off in a manner very reminiscent of Matt Hughes in his prime, but it only lasts for a moment. Lytle is defending the pass attempts of Koschek but he has a cut on his head. Rogan discusses whether some fights prefer ground and pound from half guard and notes Randy Couture as being such a man. Lytle's split open over both eyebrows from the look of it, and he's losing blood quickly as Koscheck postures up for more Hughes style lefts and rights from guard. Rogan: "Can't sweep him, can't get him off you, and you continue to take punishment." Things are certainly not looking good for Lytle, who may have lost R1 and is now getting owned in R2. Koscheck spins around and briefly gets full side control but he's back in half guard. It hardly matters though because the elbows of Koscheck have made a bloody gruesome mess out of Lytle's head. Even Goldberg says he'll be shocked if this ends up with Lytle continuing in R3. This may be one of the bloodies fights I've seen since Babalu's match at UFC 74.

The size of the gashes in Lytle's forehead are nasty when the camera gets a closeup in his corner. Lavigne tells Lytle he'll be watching in R3 to see if it should be stopped. You can even see some of Lytle's blood in the blonde hair of Koschek as the third round gets underway. Goldberg notes Lytle may be out of gas to boot due to blood loss and it certainly looks like it. Nonetheless Lytle sprawls to avoid a takedown and even punishes Koschek a little for it, but Koscheck still manges to bull him up against the fence. Lytle tries hard to get a kimura can't land it. Lytle tries to get a guillotine and Koscheck spins out of it. Lytle tries to get another guillotine but can't sink it in and Koscheck winds up back on top in the same spot he did damage with for all of R2. Here come the elbows again and they're nasty. The round is half over and Rogan is talking about the blood pouring out, and that Lavigne may want to think about stopping this for the safety of the fighter. I'm inclined to agree. This is bloodier than BJ Penn v. Joe Stevenson by far. There's so much blood coming out the fight could be stopped at any time... but Lavigne stands them up for a lack of activity on the ground! Wow. The announcers are shocked and so am I. Lytle swings for the fences trying to catch Koscheck but can't get anything, but the crowd is behind him and chanting LY-TLE, LY-TYLE for all they're worth. Lavigne breaks them apart again and there's so much blood on Koscheck you'd think he was the one getting hit. Koscheck takes two or three big pops right as the round ends, just running away and riding it out. He salutes the crowd afterwards and they boo him for all they're worth. He'll get an easy unanimous decision.

They're attending to the cuts on Lytle's head before the decision. Here's Bruce Buffer! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AFTER THREE ROUNDS WE GO TO THE DECISION: 30-26, 29-27, 30-28 FOR THE WINNER BY UNANIMOUS DECISION: JOSH KOSCHECK. Koschek for the post-fight promo. "Lytle is one of the classiest fighters in UFC, he's been around a long time, but tonight I was just better. My gameplan was to stand but my coaches etched out a plan for me and I executed it. Thanks to UFC for having me back."

* Gleison Tibau v. Joe Stevenson

I'm just going to call him GT for short and Stevenson 'Daddy' to keep shorthand and type out these results a little faster. Daddy says he's looking to shake off the cobwebs from his loss to Penn, while GT says through his translator that he's looking to have the fight of the night. He's already won over the live crowd by coming out to "Ironman." Rogan says he's HUGE for the weight class that he's in. His keys to victory are listed as being a black belt in BJJ, having good takedowns and much improved striking. Daddy isn't coming out to rap any more - he's got some high speed rock music that I can't identify. We're told his son is in attendance watching him fight for the very first time. The biggest key to victory for Daddy is that the majority of his wins were by decision. Daddy feels he could have continued with Penn, but if you saw how bloody he was in that fight, there's no way he SHOULD have continued. Daddy is 155, GT weighed in one pound heavier. Buffer announces three rounds in the lightweight division. GT is 27-4, and fights out of Coconut Creek, Florida. Daddy is 33-8 and fights out of Victorville, California. Our ref in charge is Mr. Mazzagatti. "Bring it on, c'mon!"

Not much happens for the first 20 seconds. Jabbing, circling, a kick thrown here and there, finally Daddy lands a right hand and tries to go for the guillotine. GT escapes and passes, looking for an over under. We get a chess match for a second and then Daddy gets back to his feet. Fights stays on the fence until about 3:15 left and then briefly goes back to the ground, but Daddy uses the cage to get back to his feet. The two push and shove each other, looking for a hook or a sweep, then finally break apart to strike. Daddy rushes in with punches and takes down GT as we're just past the halfway point. Rogan notes Daddy is difficult to catch in a submission just as GT goes for an omaplata, and he's got it sunk in pretty tight. Mazzagatti is keeping a close eye on things but Daddy looks to be surviving since he's not getting flattened out. Rogan notes it's dangerous and real uncomfortable but not a submission. Daddy is trying to pull his arm out and stand up but he can't get free, so he's just relaxing into it and taking his time. GT pounds the side of his head as we wait it out and Goldberg calls this a great example of Octagon control. Daddy wants the ref to stand it up but he won't do it since GT has a dominant position. There are ten seconds left in the round and Daddy will just ride it out to the end horn. Probably a 10-9 round for GT.

Daddy: "Who knows how they'll call that bullshit on the ground." Niiice. Daddy rushes him up against the fence in the first 30 seconds of R2. GT tries to reverse position and get his hooks in. The two move back and forth along the fence, switching positions and looking for the advantage. GT finally takes him down for just a second. GT ducks under and gets a takedown away from the fence and immediately passes to side control, then gets a mount for some ground and pound. Daddy is bucking and trying to get away at the two minute mark. GT loses the mount though and Daddy gets back to his feet, and Rogan notes it's his own fault for going for a triangle. GT's haircut is a little reminiscent of Santino's mullet. GT goes for a takedown and winds up right in Daddy's guillotine. Daddy squeezes it tight. IT IS ALL OVER!!! GT taps out. We'll get the official time in a minute but first the Bud Light replay. GT was trying to get his head out even as he tapped, it was just too tight.

HERE'S BRUCE BUFFER! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, REFEREE STEVE MAZZAGATTI CALLS A STOP TO THIS CONTEST AT 2:57 OF THE SECOND ROUND FOR THE WINNER BY TAPOUT DUE TO A GUILLOTINE CHOKE: JOE 'DADDY' STEVENSON! "Real quick, my son Joey, this is the first fight he's ever seen daddy in. I love you Joey! GotPain.net, I had a bone bruise from getting kicked in the leg, luckily he was able to pick me up. My school's opening in Victorville in a month." Rogan congratulates him on the win as we see Anthony Kiedis in the crowd.

* Patrick Cote v. Ricardo Almeida

This (potentially) #1 contender's fight is brought to us by Tapout and Bangkok Dangerous (some movie). Almeida is 9-2, six foot even, 185, and fights out of Hamilton, New Jersey. Big up to the big dog! Next up is Cote, 13-4, 5'11", and he fights out of Montreal, Quebec. I love Canada but FUCK YOU COTE. Our ref in charge is Herb Dean! "Protect yourselves at all times. Follow my instructions. Touch gloves and let's make it official." Miguel Torres is in the crowd watching the fight.

Here we go! Almeida and Cote circle. We have a jumping submission attempt that ends for naught the first minute in with both men going back to their feet. Almeida has body control as we push up against the fence 90 seconds in, and he's looking for a trip again or perhaps he's going to pull guard a second time. Things stall out on the fence as we get close to the halfway point, with sprawl to avoid the takedown. Almeida keeps him up against the cage though, and finally gets a double leg takedown. He moves into the guard and he's trying to push him up against the fence. Almeida backs off a little and connects not once but twice. Almeida is teeing off on Cote at wll as we have one minute left to go, punching his way right through the guard, pushing Cote up against the cage. Cote keeps trying to get a hand into the fence but Almeida keeps coming over the top on him, forcing Cote to cover up. Almeida holds on to both legs and keeps coming down with punches in the last ten seconds, avoiding any upkicks and doing most of the striking even though Cote has blocked major damage. Still you'd have to call that a 10-9 round for Almeida easily.

Renzo Gracie gives Almeida some instruction as the UFC officials tape up a glove on Almeida that got a little torn. Cote is bouncing around waiting for R2 to start. They bring over scissors to fix the tape a little. They show Laura Prepon in the crowd while we're waiting for the action. Okay R2 is underway! Cote nearly connects with an uppercut in the first 15. Cote is chasing hoping to do some damage, which causes Goldberg to bring up the 'Predator' nickname. Almeida goes to the ground on purpose and throws a leg up to put Cote in a dangerous submission position. Almeida has total control but lets go of it and goes back to the standup. Cote finally throws the leg kick the announcers have been calling for. Almeida is content to just let Cote chase and the crowd murmurs as though they're getting impatient. Almeida gets body control and pushes Cote up against the cage, goes for a leg, but releases and Cote tries to throw a strike moving out for the standup. Almeida ducks as he tries to throw a hook, then responds with a right of his own. Cote keeps striking and Almeida keeps avoiding. One body shot finally lands. Almeida responds with another right, then drops his hands trying to bait Cote in. Cote takes the bait and nearly gets taken down. Swing and a miss by Cote, then he goes for a kick to Almeida's left leg. Just about one minute left in round two. Body lock again and Almeida backs Cote to the fence. The boos are palpably loud now. Almeida tried to jump to a guillotine but couldn't get it as the round ends, and got clipped right at the end of the round to boot by a Superman punch. I don't know how you'd call that round - Cote didn't land much, Almeida didn't get much. It may be tied one round apiece.

Round three is underway with a tap of the gloves. Almeida may need to be more aggressive to win R3. He's got Cote up against the cage thirty seconds in and has a body clinch. They break apart and go back to stand up. Almeida is hitting a jab here and there. The crowd may be chanting "LET'S GO CO-TE" but it's hard to tell. At least they're not singing that "CO-TE, CO-TE CO-TE CO-TEYYYY" crap. I understand Almeida is trying to gas Cote out so he can do some jits', but this is getting absurd. He's only got 2:25 left and he needs to do something to win this fight, because Cote is definitely landing more strikes and could take both R2 and R3. Even Goldberg and Rogan are saying he should open up and let fists fly. Rogan: "So far this round has been two leg kicks." Goldberg: "But those two leg kicks belong to Cote." 1:20 left and Cote lands another jab and leg kick. He comes over the top with a hook. Why doesn't Almeida fucking DO SOMETHING. Almeida just keeps dropping his hands and backing away. You know I think I'd boo if I was there too. 40 seconds left to go. Almeida gets a takedown with 30 seconds to go but there's not much time for him to do anything. Side control at 20. Looking for a submission with ten seconds to go but that puts Cote on top landing punches. Both men hold up their hands as the round ends, thinking they scored the win. We'll wait for the judges.

Bruce Buffer with the decision. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AFTER THREE ROUNDS WE GO TO THE JUDGES SCORECARDS. 29-28 COTE. 29-28 ALMEIDA. 29-28 FOR THE WINNER BY SPLIT DECISION: PATRICK 'THE PREDATOR' COTE. The crowd seems happy with the decision. Cote: "I'm sorry, maybe the fight was close, but it was an important fight for me. It was an honor for me to fight this guy tonight. In the first round he came strong, second round you know, my team in Canada, I think they prepared me well." He explains the star on his shirt is for some girl fighting for her life. Our main event is up next!

* Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson {C} v. Forrest Griffin (UFC Light Heavyweight Championship)

Tale of the tape: Rampage is 30, Forrest is 29, Rampage is six foot one but Griffin is six foot three, both men are 205, Rampage has a 73" reach but Griffin has four more. Bruce Buffer is here to introduce our main event! Our ref in charge is Yves Lavigne and the fight is sponsored by Bud Light and Harley Davidson. AND NOWWW! The moment of truth has finally arrived. Live from the sold out Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT'S TIIIIIIIIME! Five rounds for the UFC undisputed world light heavyweight championship. 15-4, standing six three, weighing in at 205 and fighting out of Las Vegas, the challenger Forrest Griffin! The champion in the red corner, fighting out of Memphis, Tenn. and the reigning and undisputed world light heavyweight champion - Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson!!! Here we go!

Griffin looking to stick and move and goes for a couple of leg kicks early. Rampage is being patient and waiting for his opportunity. Griffin throws a high head kick and a few more jabs, then another leg kick. Rampage is still waiting for the moment and right at the one minut emark unloads a few heavy hands. Both men swing away and miss 90 seconds in.AZnother leg kick by Griffin and then he gets hit right in the face. Another couple of left leg kicks by Griffin as we reach the halfway point. Rampage hammers Griffin hard with a left hook and he wobbles a little. Griffin gives chase with a head kick and Rampage may have slipped a little on the canvas. Griffin briefly has him up against the cage but the two break apart. Another leg kick connects right on the left knee of Rampage. Jackson nails a huge uppercut at 1:10 left and Griffin is immediately smothered. Griffin is pushed up against the cage quickly but he tries to spin out of it. Nonetheless Rampage is on top now in the closed guard and Griffin has nowhere to go. Griffin tries to scramble back up and answer with knees. Both men are throwing strikes on the feet as round one ends! I'd give that 10-9 to Rampage for the knockdown.

Jackson's corner tells him to stay aggressive in R2. Griffin's corner works on what may be a cut on his eyebrow. Another leg kick hurts Rampage five seconds in and Griffin manages to take him to the ground when Rampage tries to get a takedown of his own. Griffin is looking to pass as Quinton is offering almost no resistance. One minute in and Griffin has settled down and is looking to take his time on the pass attempt as Goldberg and Rogan discuss the leg injury. At 3:15 Griffin finally passes to side control and tries to lock in an americana but can't get it. He's going for it again as we near the halfway point, or maybe he wants a kimura. For a moment he's just content to hold Rampage down and strike, then he throws elbows, then he gives up the americana and moves to a full mount. More elbows by Griffin. More head punches from the left side to soften him up. Rampage just wants to survive and get back to his feet for R3. You can see Chuck Liddell looking through the fence at Rampage from cageside. More short elbows at the one minute mark. This is easily going to be a 10-9 round for Griffin, so I've got it one round apiece for each man. Griffin would really like to get the americana but Rampage is blocking. Griffin is content to pound it out to end R2.

Rampage's corner tells him that he's got to make Griffin fight his fight in the third round. We're underway! Rampage is leading off with the leg. Forrest fakes a spinning kick at the leg. He moves the leg out of the way and Griffin faints a head kick. Rampage tries to tee off. Rogan wonders if he can generate as much punch power with that leg hurting. Griffin is being patient, Rampage is staying out of range. One minute gone by. Rampage tries again to tee off. Griffin finally connects with the leg and the head kick as we hit the 90 second mark. Rampage throws a nice uppercut combo. Griffin misses with a sweeping leg kick. Griffin catches one high in the thigh at the two minute mark. Rampage hits Griffin with a left! Rampage keeps coming forward with combos, so it appears he heard his corner and is heeding their advice. Midway point of the round. Rampage is landing quite a few of them, and he may be winning this round on strikes. Rampage checks a leg kick. He seems to be getting stronger on the left leg as the fight goes on. Rampage catches Griffin again. Griffin has one kick in response. 1:15 left. Rampage hits a hard body shot. Griffin throws a flurry and hits nothing. Rampage checks a head kick. One minute to go. Griffin with an inside leg kick to the knee. 30 seconds left. Rampage hits another big head shot. Rampage checks another head kick. Griffin tries to push forward with punches but Rampage slugs him right back even harder. I'd say that was a definite 10-9 for Rampage.

We're going on to round four! Griffin starts with a leg kick and a head kick again. Rampage is moving around pretty well, leading with the left, even bouncing around a bit. Slugfest and Rampage catches Griffin with a hook. Big uppercuts! Leg trip and Rampage is on top. Forrest is cut open. Forrest is trying to hold him down. The crowd chants RAMPAGE RAMPAGE RAMPGE but Forrest locks in a triangle. Rampage body slams his way out of it but that was close! Forrest has blood spurting out over his eye all over the place. Not nearly as nasty as the Lytle fight earlier though. Rampage hasn't been able to improve his position muchand in fact Forrest nearly got an omaplata. Forrest scrambles to stand up and Rampage catches him on the way. Jackson catches him again and Forrest backs away. Forrest doesn't have nearly as much snap on those leg kicks after all the big punches not to mention the energy expended in sub attempts. One minute left in the fourth. Rampage opens up the cut with a big left. Rampage keeps on striking. Head kick by Griffin doesn't do much. 20 seconds left. Griffin chases then wipes the blood away from his eyes. 10 seconds left. One last head kick and then a big combo by Rampage as the round ends. I score this 10-9 Rampage as well.

In my opinion, Griffin loses this fight if it goes to the judges in round five. Griffin once again chases with the kicks and a FORREST, FORREST chant breaks out. Not much going on in the first minute. Another head kick that does nothing with 3:35. Big leg kick by Griffin and a counterpunch by Rampage. Rampage lands a big right! Griffin explodes in return. Leg kick by Rampage! 3 minutes left in this title fight. Rampage with a headshot and body punch. Griffin coming forward and this head kick connects. Rampage changes angles. Griffin keeps chasing but he's not landing much. Rampage is being patient. Two minutes left. Griffin may have hit one on the stick and move. High kick checked. Nice leg kick with 1:30 to go. Body shots by Rampage in response. Rampage locks up and does more damage. Griffin throws a lazy leg kick and a good right hand. Rampage with a head shot and Griffin with a head kick as we go under one minute. Rampage throws a flurry. Griffin comes forward with a leg kick. Rampage takes a knee but it's not flush. Uppercut and a left with 20 seconds to go. Rampage ducks a big swing snad Griffin tries to get a takedown as the round ends but can't sink it in. Both men hug as we await the decision.

Griffin thanks his corner. "Thank you so fucking much. I don't say it often enough. Thank you." Here's Bruce Buffer. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AFTER FIVE ROUNDS WE GO TO THE JUDGES SCORECARDS FOR A DECISION. 48-46. 48-46. 49-45 FOR THE WINNER BY UNANIMOUS DECISION AND NEW UNDISPUTED WORLD LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD: FORREST GRIFFIN! A few boos initially and Forrest is stunned. Forrest says that shit hurt but that they'll probably have to do a rematch. He says he's not such a tough guy but every single punch hurt! Griffin's face certainly looks it. Rampage is very gracious in defeat, saying that there's a 50-50 chance every time you get in the Octagon that you either whup ass or get your ass whupped, and it's not the first time he's lost. He says he'll be back for more and he's never taking 9 months off again!

* Melvin Guillard v. Denis Siver (Bonus Fight)

Siver ends up on the ground as he got cracked right away at the start of the fight. Siver gets back up 25 seconds in. Guillard catches him again and at about the 40 second mark IT IS ALL OVER. Guillard gets the knockout and Siver's on Dream Street!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN REFEREE HERB DEAN CALLS A STOP AT THIRTY-SIX SECONDS OF THE FIRST ROUND FOR THE WINNER BY KO: MELVIN 'THE YOUNG ASSASSIN' GUILLARD. In victory he says he's beaten his personal demons and he is a force to be reckoned with, and he plans to be top five in his division. Guillard: "Speed kills man. It's all or nothing. He hits hard but I hit harder. I didn't make him say uncle but that's okay! Big shout out to Houston."

Submission of the night goes to Cole Miller, who beat Jorge Gurgel via triangle in a fight not shown on television. We see a shot of Forrest Griffin backstage, who may not believe yet that he is the champion. Rogan notes there are a whole lot of great fights ahead at 205, with Wanderlei Silva, Forrest Griffin, Chuck Liddell and Lyoto Machida all in the division. We go to the credits and that's it for tonight. Thanks for reading our live recap and hopefully Killa Kev will have the other prelim results up in a minute!

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