UFC Fight Night 14 Live Recap: Silva v. Irvin

Date: 07/19 8:00 PM
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Written by Killa Kev

UFC Fight Night on SpikeTV Recap

I get started a few minutes late because I was under the impression that Big D was covering this show tonight, but I assumed wrong. We've already got Stevie J covering the Affliction "Banned" PPV, so it's a busy night for the AngryMarks! So unfortunately I didn't catch the opening 10 minutes of the show, which was just previews for tonight's fight anyhow. Here's the preliminary results from earlier in the evening, these may or may not air on the show tonight:

Jesse Taylor (7-2-0, 184) vs. CB Dollaway (7-2-0, 186)

We discuss the return of Jesse Taylor. Dana White explains that Taylor completely apologized for his behavior on The Ultimate Fighter that got him thrown off of the show, Taylor said he is now in AA, White believe he's sincere and brought him back. Dollaway says that Taylor's style is boring and he doesn't want to embarass him too much tonight. We go to the introductions, Yves Levigne is the referee.

We get some swings early by Dollaway, putting Taylor on the cage, Taylor reverses it and keeps him on the cage for nearly a minute. Dollaway with a takedown to get off the cage, but Taylor reverses and takes top mount. Dollaway with a front facelock, Taylor drops to the mat, Dollaway with a knee to the head. Levigne stops the fight, checks on Taylor, and gives Dollaway a warning. We get back to the action, Dollaway returns to the front facelock, then rolls Taylor over and mounts the back. Dollaway wraps him up for a choke, Taylor keeps turning and starts to escape. Dollaway attempts a triangle from the side, Taylor escaps. Taylor now with a front facelock, puts Dollaway on the cage, Dollaway tries for a guillotine choke as Taylor takes him down. Taylor moves into the ground-n-pound, now looking strong against Dollaway with 90 seconds left in the fight. Dollaway leaps to his feat and quickly turns it around on Taylor, gets Taylor's back and locks in the Peruvian Necktie, TAPOUT! We replay it again, Dollaway just took his time and continued to advance his position until he found it, Taylor fought him all the way. We take a commercial and come back for the official decision.

WINNER: CB Dollaway, 3:58 of Round 1 by submission. Joe Rogan asks Dollaway how he feels. Dollaway says he's speechless about his first win in UFC. Rogan asks about the Peruvian Necktie, Dollaway says that it is his favorite move, he saw an opportunity to use it, he likes it because it is a move you don't feel coming until it is too late.

After a commercial break, we show Anderson Silva arriving earlier in the night, then move into a promo for UFC 87 "Seek and Destory". We throw some promos for Kevin Burns and Anthony Johnson. Burns says that he's prepared for tonight's fight against Johnson, Johnson says that Burns has to step up his game in UFC.

Anthony Johnson (5-1-0, 170) vs. Kevin Burns (6-2-0, 171)

Steve Mazzagatti is your referee in charge as we do the introductions. Johnson starts with some rights and kicks, but Burns takes it right to Johnson, warpping him up. Burns turns it around and puts Johnson on the fence, Burns works his way out, holding the body lock and trying to strike with knes. They eventually break, Johnson returns with the punches and jabs, but Burns isn't backing down, advancing his position and trying for some striks himself. Johnson goes for a legkick that inadvertantly lands in Burns' crotch, referee stops the fight for a moment, Burns is OK, we resume fighting. Johnson with a big takedown in the middl of the ring, 2:45 left in the match. Johnson is on top trying to find a break, Burns is defending himself. 1:30 left in the fight and they're warned that they'll be stood up if there's no action. Johnson is a little more aggressive with small shots, Burns is doing the same, holding his guard. Steve Mazigatti finally stands them up at 30 seconds. They're brawling with lefts and rights, Johnson wraps up Burns and puts him on the fence, Burns turns it around, Johnson on the fence, bodyshots and knees by Burns. Round 1 ends and we can see that Burns has a small cut above his eye.

Round 2 starts out with some punches trade, but then Johnson with a pair of knees that puts Burns on the fence, but he remains composed and keeps fighting Johnson off. Johnson with some kneelifts and punches, Burns finally gets him off the fences. Johnson is looking in control here, they're standing up and fighting most of the match sofar. Johnson is taking his time finding his punches, Burns with some push kicks, keeping it in there. Burns is warned about fingers in the eys with 2:15 left in the fight. Burns with a big headkick, tries for a second one, Johnson catches the leg but Burns escapes. Johnson with another big takedown on Burns, Burns immediately moves into a Kimora, dosn't get it locked in though. 1:15 left in the fight, Johnson rolls over and gets top mount again. Burns' cut is looking a little more nasty, Johnson is still going for the small punches. 35 seconds left, they're warned again about action, they don't advance, and they're stood up at 20 seconds, Burns is warned again about keeping his hands closed on the jabs. Johnson with some swings and kicks, Burns with a nice right-leg kick, Johnson grabs it and takes him down right at the horn to end Round 2.

Third Round, Johnson with a legkick followed by a left hook that misses, Burns counters with several kicks of his own. Burns backs Johnson up near the cage, Johnson witha jab, Burns with a legkick, Johnson witha kick, Burns with a kick, Johnson grabs the leg again and takes Burns down. Mike Goldberg suggests that Johnson may win this match based on the three big takedowns sofar, there's not been much going on. 3:20 left in the match, referee again warns about lack of action, and stands them up at 3:05. Johnson immediately with some swings, Burns counters and another takedown by Johnson, Burns movs into guard immediately as Johnson maneuvers hm to the cage. Burns traps Johnson's right arm, Johnson with a few headbutts into Burns' right shoulder, lands some punches into the head. Burns is looking for a break. They're warned again about lack of action at the 1:50 mark, again stood up at 1:35. Burns with a punch that catches Johnson offguard, he spins around and lands face-first on the mat! Burns moves in for the kill, referee stops the fight and backs him out. Johnson says that he was poked in the eye, we watch th replay and WOW! Obvious poke to the eye just before the left! We're taking a break to see what's going to happen. Back from the break, we replay the strike again, we see that the right uppercut only grazed Johnson, he was clearly hurt by the poke to the eye beforehand. The final result...

WINNER: Kevin Burns, 3:35 of Round 3 by TKO. WOW! No disqualification after multiple warnings for eyepokes, apparently! Rogan with Burns asking about style he punches with, Burns says that it is accidental and he tries to throw the left jab as a palm strike because he broke his hand three times and can't close the fist. Burns says he'd accept a rematch anytime. Burns shakes hands with Johnson. Johnson is interviewed next, and he asks the fans to stop booing Burns, he's a good guy and he fought hard. Rogan says that he thought Burns would have ben disqualified for the eyepoke. Johnson says everybody is invited to his afterparty. Sherdog.com reports that the judges had given Johnson both rounds 10-9, so this is a major disappointment to me.

Jake O'Brien (10-1-0, 236) vs. Cain Velasquez (3-0-0, 236)

We play the promos for both men, not much said. Mario Yamasaki is our referee for the match. O'Brien comes out swinging, but Velasquez goes to mount his back. O'Brine rolls out on top though and get pinnd on the cage. Velasquz with a front facelock, tries to mount the back, O'Brien rolls around and Velasquez can only get side control. Velasquez gets on top and starts drilling O'Brien in the face, wow, he's not answering, he can't protect himself, Velasquez has both arms trapped, he's taking a fucking beating here. Referee finally stops the fight. Replay we see how Velaszquez trapped the left arm with his leg, the right arm with his left arm, and O'Brien was just caught. We take a break and come back for the official decision

WINNER: Cain Velasquez, 2:02 Round 1 by TKO. Joe Rogan with Velasquez, who doesn't say much about it other than he did what he wanted to, and thanks his coaches and sponsor. Rogan shows the replay, Velasquz says that he trid to keep his arms tight so he couldn't do anything, he was simply waiting for the referee to stop the fight. We go out in the cowd and show new UFC Light Heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin in attendance.

We take a break, see some clips of fighters warming up backstage, and run a promo for UFC 87. We come back to Mike Goldberg with a pre-recorded interview with Goergoes St. Pierre. Goldberg asks St. Pierre if he's ready, St. Pierre says he feels in the best shape of his career. He says that he was very disappointed after he lost his first title defense last year, thist ime he feels he will be able to succeed where he can fail. Goldberg asks he can defeat John Fitch at his wrestling game. St. Pierre says that Fitch is more than just a wrestler, he's an experienced BJJ tchnician, and he'll have to use more tools to defeat Fitch. Goldberg notes the UFC Welterweight Championship belt sitting on a mantle in the background. St. Pierre says that it is nice, but it isn't as important as his memories of his win. We take another commercial.

Frank Edgar (8-1-0, 155) vs. Hermes Franca (19-6-0, 155)

Promos for Francas and Edgar. Franca says the fans are going to see him at his best tonight, Edgar says that he's not taking Franca lightly. Franca says that Edgar is going to feel his power and think twice about taking this fight. Yves Levigne is our referee.

Franca tries for a kick, Edgar rushes him and takes him down to the mat. Franca kicks him off, but Edgar re-mounts on top and Franca movs into guard. Edgar stands up and lands a strike to the head, grabs Franca's legs to avoid the upkicks. Edgear moves in for some strikes, Franca covers up, allowing Edgar to get in closer with some elbow strikes. edgar back on his feet, holding Franca's legs, movs back in for some body punches. 3:10 in the round, Edgar stands back up and kicks Franca in the legs, grabs the legs again and moves back into mount, looking for punches. Franca's corner is warning him that Edgar is going to try to lull him to sleep. Franca has a huge bump on his forehead. Edgar gos for a punch, Franca quickly goes for an armbar, Edgar struggles for about 30 seconds but pulls out of the move, re-mounts Franka and drops elbows and punches. 1:45 left in the round, Edgar takes to his feet, lets Franca get up. Franca tries for a knee, Edgar closes in with some punches. They trade a few blows near th fences, Franca goes for a big right, Edgar ducks it, shoots the legs and takes Franca down again, back on top, Franca covering right back up. Franca finds an opening with 45 seconds left and tries for another armbar, Edgar escapes it. Franca now has a mouse under his eye to match the knot on his head. Edgar just keeps working his game slowly, body punches, head punches, elbows as Round One concludes.

Franca tries for a spin kick, Edgar backs up and goes for an inside leg kick to answer, moves in with some jabs, putting Franca on the cage, Franca with a body kick to back him up, tries for another, Edgar shoots and takes Franca down, followed by elbows. Edgar stands up and again grabs Franca legs, moves back in for some more pounding, following the same plan as he used in the first round. Franca is trying to control Edgar's wrists, but this isn't working, Edgar is landing more and more shots to the head. Edgar tries to advance his position, Franca is able to block him, but Edgar still has control. Edgar stands back up at 2:29 and kicks Franca in the legs a few times, goes back in, lands a fw punches, stands back up again, movs back in and hits a nice elbow on advice of his corner. Edgar stands back up and kicks Franca in the legs again, Franca tries to roll backwards but Edgar is right on him, gets control on the back, landing punches, Franca rolls back over on his back. Edgar's corner is warning that Franca is trying to set up for a triangle choke. 55 seconds in Round 2, Edgar gets to his feet, Franca scrambles to his feet, they stand up, Edgar pushes forward with measured punches, a high kick. Franca tries for a knee, Edgar grabs the leg and takes Franca down, Franca's face is looking swollen as Round Two ends, and we take a commercial.

Round Three stars with Franca landing a huge uppercut, Edgar shrugs it off. Franca tries for a knee, Edgar grabs the leg, but Franca spins around and shakes it off. Franca tries for another knee, Edgar with a left jab square on Franca's jaw and then takes him down. Franca rolls over, Edgar takes his back, looking for an armbar. Edgar legs Franca up after a kick to the head, ty're back to stand up fighting 3:39 left. Edgar with another takedown immediately afterwards, and this is looking familiar - Edgar on top, landign whatever blows he wants, Franca constantly trying to defend. Edgar pushes Franca up on the cage, Franca trying for anything he can - amrbar, triangle, gogoplata, but Edgar simply pulls his arm back out. Edgar on Franca's back again, pushes Franca up against the cage, grabs the leg and takes him back down. Franca looks up at the clock with 2:10 left, Edgar isn't letting him rest. Unlss Franca comes up with a KO or tapout in the next 90 seconds, Edgar wins by unanimous decision. Franca tries for a sweep, Edgar counters it easily, reverse waistlock, Franca rolls back to guard, Edgar back on top. Franca is able to get in some more elbows and punches, but Edgar is making him work. We finally stand back up at 40 seconds, Franca with a fw punches, Edgar with a kick to the body. Franka with some big punches, a Knee square on Edgar's chin, NO SLL! Edgar is bleeding but he takes Franca takes him back down, 10 seconds left as Edgar is bleding out of his nose, raining down punches on Franca, the horn sounds and that's it! Back with the official decision after the commercials. We're going to the scorecards but there's no doubt of the results.

WINNER: Frank Edgar, Round 3 by Unanimous Decision. All three judges scored this 30-27, Round 1 and Round 2 went to Edgar 10-9, Round 3 went to Franca 10-9. Rogan with Edgar for the interview, Edgar says he's satisfied with the win, thanks his coaches and his friends. Another promo for UFC 87 plays. We cut backstage to see James Irvin getting taped up as we take another commercial.

Brandon Vera (8-2-0, 204) vs. Reese Andy (7-1-0, 206)

Both men trade barbs at each other in their promos, and both men are getting extended ring introductions from the back to the ring. Steve Mazzagatti is your referee in charge, he calls the men to the ring and gives the instructions, fighters touch gloves. Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics is spotted in the crowd.

Ver with a kick to the head early, tries for a second one, Andy takes him down and puts him on the fence, Vera holds him off. Vera looks like he towers over Andy, Andy is trying to find something, a few punches, Vera with a pair of knees to the head to break it, they go back to the middle. Andy with an inside leg kick, then an outside leg kick. Vera with a roundhouse kick that Andy ducks. Andy counters with a kick to the ankles. They trade spinkicks, Vera lands his and puts his ass on the mat, Andy back on his feet quickly. Vera with a few fake jabs, gos for a kick, Andy backs up, hits a quick knee and backs up, followed by a kick and a jab. Vera charges in with a knee strike, backs up Andy to the cage, wraps him up, Andy turns him around though with 2:35 left in teh round. Andy with multiple knees into Vera's left leg. Andy moves into a clinch, Vera with a kneestrike to the head, then a big takedown. Vera simply holds him down for nearly a minute, landing a couple of punches. 58 seconds left, Andy is trying to roll to his side, Vera goes for a punch, Andy tris for an armbar but Vera pulls out and stands up, lets Andy stand up. 25 seconds left, Andy with an inside kick, Very with a missed headkick, Andy tries to shoot in but Vera stops him with a front facelock, holds him on the mat, and lets Andy stand up right as the horn sounds for Round One.

Round Two, they touch gloves, Vera with a left punch and an inside leg kick, Andy with an inside leg kick. Andy shoots in, Vera wraps him up to try for a takedown, Andy backs up to the cage, Vera moves in, Andy with the clinch, Vera turns him around and slams him to the mat, Andy's back is exposed, Vera wraps him up in the corner, rains down some punches on Andy. Referee warns Andy to advance his position, Andy turns into a half-guard, Very tries for a few elbows to the head, Andy grabs Vera's leg, he stands up and escapes it, everybody is back to their feet, 3:10 left in the round. Andy with a few leg kicks, moves in with a left hook, Vera clinches the head and throws a few knees, Andy backs out of it. Andy goes for a kick, Very backs up and tris for a strike. Andy with a jab to the chin on Vera after a fake punch. Fans are starting to boo at 1:50 left in the round as both men try to form a strategy. Andy shoots in and backs Vera up to the corner, fans are still booing. Vera with a pair of kneestrikes, Andy gets turned around, Andy escapes as Vera with another kneestrike to the head. 1:00 left as we go back to stand up and a few jabs. Vera with a body kick, a few fake jabs. Andy is backing Vera up, goes for a few swings and jabs. Vera with a nice legkick as Round Two closs, the fans are not happy with the round though.

Round Three opens up with Andy getting in a few jabs, Vera explodes with a fw jabs and kicks of his own but then backs right off. Andy with a jab, pushes Vera back to the cage, knees to th inside of Vera's left leg, still working it. Fans are starting to chant for Andy. Vera with a body lock on Andy, but still has his back up on the cage. Andy breaks free, rabbit punch to the head of Vera. Fighters are warned to advance their position, break at 3:10 by the referee. Andy moves in with several jabs, Vera with an elbow that misses, but grabs Andy and goes into the clinch, Andy puts Vera back up on the cag. Goldberg wonders if Vera is weakned by his weight cutting, why isn't he exploding in this match since Andy hasn't threatened him. Vera turns Andy around on the fences, delivers a few knes, tries for a takedown, Andy escapes it. Andy with a left hook, Vera with a jab and a knee, goes into the clinch, another kne to the face, and another, Andy is able to seperate, goes in for several punches, puts Vera on the cage, Vera looks like he's gassed. Vera is slumping on Andy's shoulders as he's on the cage, Andy pushes him off, they go to the middle of the ring. Vera tries for a few knes, Andy isn't phased though. 39 seconds left in the match, they trade a fw kicks, fans are booing again. Andy tries for a shoot, Vera blocks it, knee to the head, wraps him up, puts him on the cage, a few more kns, but they're not ffective at all. Round three ends and we're heading to a decision after the break.

WINNER: Brandon Vera, Round 3 by Unanimous Decision. 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 was the judges' scoring. Vera comments that the weight cutting did hurt him, he felt weird all day long, but Andy was a tough competitor. Vera asks that the fans give their support to Quinten "Rampage" Jackson while he's hurting right now. Vera thanks the fans for the fight, but they boo him as he walks out, clearly not happy with this match, and I don't blame them, this was not a very good fight, espcially against an opponent who hasn't fought in a year.

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva (221-4, 206) vs. James Irvin (14-1-1, 206)
(Light Heavyweight Division match, Middleweight Championship not on the line)

Mike Goldberg and Joe Roegan analyze both fighters as we burn some time... promo packages... entended ring entrances... we've got nearly a half-hour left in the broadcast. Anderson Silva moved up from 185 to 206 to take this match, his title isn't on the line for this match tonight. Mario Yamasaki is your referee for this bout as Bruce Buffer makes the official introductions. Fighters meet int he middle for instructions, they shake hands and bow to each other before going back to their corners.

They circle around the octagon for several seconds before Silva tries a few kicks, Irvin with a roundhouse kick that doesn't connect. Irvin slowly moves in on Silva, goes for a leg kick, Silva catches the leg, takes him down, drops the bombs on him JUST LIKE THAT IT IS DONE! James Irvin has blood leaking from his eye. We see the replay, Silva drills Irvin square in the middle of his face, he looked done right there, Silva finished him off with the bombs.

WINNER: Anderson "the Spider" Silva, 1:01 of Round 1 by KNOCKOUT, BEYOTCH~! Joe Roegan for the interview with Sylva, Roegan says that there's no doubt now that Silva is now, pound for pound, the best fighter in the UFC. Roegan asks Silva is he's going to remain fighting at 205 or if he's going to cut weight back down to middleweight. Silva says this was a good experience, but his responsibility is to defend the Middlweight Championship, but if there's a big fight in the future, he'll take the challenge no matter what the weight class. Roegan asks Silva to comment on the knockout, Silva says that he's a Muay Thai fighter by training, and this is what happens when you challenge a Muay Thai fighter. Silva thanks his trainers, his sponsors, his fans and finally his mother.

With 15 minutes left in the programming, we're going to the undercard matches next.

Rory Markham (15-4-0, 170) vs. Brodie Farber (13-3-0, 170)

Steve Mazzagatti is the referee in charge as Burce Buffer does the introductions. Both men come out slugging, Goldberg notes that both men like to finish fights early. Farber with a clinch, Markham breaks with some knees. Farber with a couple of nice kicks, followed by punches, Markham isn't showing any signs of backing down yet. Markham takes a strong punch to the head and keeps slugging, putting Farber on the cage, but Farber punches his way out, clinches Markham, a fw knes to the head. Markham backs up, Farber drops his hands, steps in and Markam clocks Farber square in the jaw with a right leg kick, Farber goes down, this match is OVER!

WINNER: Rory Markham, 1:37 of Round 1 by knockout. Joe Rogan interviews Markham, congratulates him on his first win in UFC. Markham says that this is his greatest experience yet, the fans are great and supportive. Roegan asks for the walk-through of the knockout, Markham says that it felt a little odd not to spend the first two minutes having the crap beat out of him. Roegan suggests that this may be the knockout of the night, Markham begs Dana White to make it so. I think he'll get it, too!

Mike Goldberg signs us off for the night. Not a bad card, Silva ended his match a lot faster than I expected, Vera vs. Andy was a complete boring sleeper, and I definitely feel that Anthony Johnson got robbed, but these things happen, life goes on. I'm sure we'll be discussing that on this week's AngryMarks.com Pro Wrestling Podcast this week, along with the results from Affliction and WWE Great American Bash this Thursday night, 11pm ET at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angrymarks.

Stevie J will be back here again tomorrow night with the Great American Bash PPV recap at 8pm, and then Killa Kev returns on Monday night with the WWE Raw recap. And don't forget to check out The Cancer and MRob Sunday night 10pm ET with the new Kayfabe 4 Dummies live podcast and chat on Blogtalkradio.com/k4d ... join us for everything if you can, but if you can't feel free to download the podcasts immediately after the show!

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