11/13/08: Raw in Pittsburgh, Kenny Dykstra, Legends of Wrestling

Date: 11/13 11:00 AM
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Written by Stevie J

The pre-sale code for the December 15th Raw taping in Pittsburgh, PA at the Melon Arena is RAW. Right now the advertised main event for the taping is Chris Jericho vs. Batista vs. John Cena. (PWI)

Ken Doane b.k.a. Kenny Dykstra posted the following message on MySpace about his release from WWE.

First I would just like to say thank you to everyone who left a comment or message and for the support. It is greatly appreciated. Believe it or not I actually am happy to be gone from WWE. I don't have to do things around their schedule and I don't have to answer to anybody. I have never felt so free in my entire life. I had been working with WWE since I was 16 so I've never really known anything else. I did have fun with WWE but the creative side never used me properly or really gave me an opportunity to get over. it sucks when you know your better than the majority and you're only used to make people look good.

Will I stay wrestling? I'm not sure. WWE kind of puts a bad taste in your mouth after all the politics and garbage that can go on. I may try to go to TNA but we will see. I have 90 days to think about it and possibly try. although I wont rule it out. I do feel like they could use me much better. I would also like to have some matches with guys like A.J. and Kurt and Joe and Christian. plus Sting has always been my favorite so to work with him would be great too. but I guess I will wait it out and see what direction I try to go in. as for WWE I am glad to be gone. i thank them for everything and wish them the best too.

    Take care.

    Ken Doane

Last but not least WWE Home Video will be releasing a 3-pack DVD set entitled WWE: The Legends of Wrestling on January 27th 2009. The DVD set will be a collection of the popular Legend's Roundtable, which airs on WWE 24/7. Here is the official description of the DVD from PWI.
Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Jerry "The King" Lawler & Junk Yard Dog are just a few of the biggest names in the history of sports-entertainment, a who's who of professional wrestling immortality. In one of the most popular shows on WWE's on demand channel, panels that include WWE Hall of Famers Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes discuss the life and times of these legends. These shows have never been available on DVD - until now! Fans can now enjoy these panel discussions along with bonus matches featuring the best of the highlighted superstars.

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