Staff Bios - Kevin Fields

Killa Kev, the pathetic sap, by himself!
I was hooked into wrestling at the tender age of four. Growing up in Indianapolis, my first exposure to pro wrestling was every Sunday afternoon at 2pm on WRTV-6. That was the home station for Dick the Bruiser's World Wrestling Association, one of the largest independent promotions in the United States. I quickly came to learn who the Bruiser, the Crusher, Harley Race, Bobby Heenan and many other greats were. As the 80s rolled through WWA fell off the mat, but there was plenty of wrestling entertainment taking its place. I remember when AWA and World Class Championship Wrestling got their contracts with ESPN, and there was wrestling every week! I got to see Georgia Championship Wrestling on TBS and watch it transform to just another regional promotion to the flagship show for Jim Crockett Promotions and develop into WCW. We had WWF starting its national syndication with "Superstars of Wrestling", as well as Mid-South Wrestling transforming itself into the UWF and also getting a nationally syndicated show. But sadly, the second golden age of wrestling came and went as WWF eventually put most of the territories out of business, and the solid ones consolidated under the NWA or AWA banners, and even that wasn't enough. I eventually grew out of wrestling, or I should say, it was practically forced off of TV. I found better things to do.

However, I was called back to wrestling in 1994. Coming home from college, a new "renegade" independent TV station had taken to the airwaves. The main show on Saturday night's that had everybody's attention? E. C. W. I was instantly hooked at the insane spots of young guys just starting in the business making a name for themselves -- "Lionheart" Chris Jericho, "Mr. 420" Rob Van Dam, "the King of Extreme" Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, Taz, the Sandman ... this shit was nuts! It became my addiction. I further got involved when I found out that a new local promotion was regularly bringing in these ECW guys to work against local talent. I ended up going to my first wrestling show (and my first indie show at that) and got to know wrestling on a much more personal level.

Wrestling promotions come and go, but my devotion to wrestling grew from there. In the late 90s I started writing recaps for WCW Nitro on UseNet (, for those who remember!) and gained quite a following. In 1999, I was approached by a friend of mine, Devin Sturgis, who happened to fall into wrestling a few months earlier. He decided to jump in the sport and wanted as website. I was just getting on my feet as a website designer, and I took him up on the opportunity. My future fate was sealed in. Over the next several years I found myself in frequent contact with wrestlers and wrestling promotions that Devin referred to me. In 2003 I hooked up with a local promotion in my area that had just moved its main operations to my town and needed a new webmaster, and I gained new footing in the business and a new growth area for my business.

Today I am the owner of, a website design & multimedia development company focused on the professional wrestling and sports entertainment industry. I've had the opportunity to work with many personalities and individuals within the business over the years, including WWE's Mickie James and Jerry "the King" Lawler, TNA stars "Wildcat" Chris Harris, Abyss and Eric Young, and many of the great talents on the independent level such as The Patriot, Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson, and Sean Denny. One of our ongoing projects since 2004 has been, which today is one of our flagship products (despite the look! ;-) ). I kept myself in a tech support role until late 2005 when I started recapping RAW and providing news updates. I took some time off, and resumed recapping RAW on 5/12/08. I'm also a member of the podcast team when time permits.

I've been personal friends with Stevie J since our college days, a personal relationship I will cherish always. Nikes has been an acquaintance for a few years as well.