Staff Bios - Stevie J

Stevie J - aka THE BOSS

Stevie J is the founder of, senior editor and recapper, and host of The Thursday Night AngryMarks Podcast every Thursday at 9PM ET on the AngryMarks Podcast Network.

It's Stevie J - the man, the myth, the AngryMark. Stevie got his start with pro wrestling at the tender age of 9 back when Hulkamania was running wild, and stopped watching after getting tired of seeing everyone from Jake the Snake to Ted DiBiase be fed to the yellow and red. He returned in 2001 right around the time WCW folded, and started catching up on PPV tapes of the events he missed in the interim - ultimately finding that he hadn't missed that much.

Fed up with the lack of entertainment in "sports entertainment, Stevie J founded and recruited his friends Abismo Blanco (Chad Jones) and Mad Monk (Dave Price) to help cover the immense sh*tpile of pro wrestling out there. The line-up of contributors has evolved over over the years but one thing has consistently remained the same; wrestling has continued to frustrate, irritate and nauseate the very same people who are supposed to be entertained by it. As long as people named Vince are in charge somewhere, the crew of AngryMarks will be there to cover pro wrestling and hope to find the small nugget of gold amongst the big stinking pile.

Outside of pro wrestling, Stevie's interests are hip-hop, MMA, Torchwood (the best show on TV today) and spending time with his lovely wife.