Staff Bios - Lady J

Lady J, Smiling Big For The Marks!
Lady J is the lovely wife of our founder, Stevie J. She got her start with pro wrestling at the young age of 7, watching TNT on the USA Network with her stepbrother. Lady J has fond memories of wrestling in the 1980s. Her uncle took her to an auto show, where she got an autographed photo of King Kong Bundy. She even convinced her parents to take her to WWE house shows in her hometown of Omaha, NE. Somewhere, there's even a photo of a 10 year old Lady J wearing a Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat headband! (We'll post that once it surfaces!) Lady J stopped watching wrestling in 1991, as she started high school and discovered boys. Her love of wrestling was rekindled in the spring of 1998, right around the time Bill Goldberg was making his first WCW title run and the NWO Wolfpack was in full swing. Ironically, it was Lady J who helped Stevie J rediscover wrestling in 2001 when she begged him to watch RAW with her. In recent months, she has grown to love independent wrestling promotions like ROH, IWA Mid-South, and CHIKARA. Lady J contributes to the site by helping with live event coverage, and maintains our MySpace page. And FYI - her name is NOT a reference to a character from the GI Joe series.

Outside of pro wrestling, Lady J works full-time in the admissions department at Bellevue University, and is also pursuing her Master's Degree in Communications. She is an accomplished cellist and sits on the Board of Directors for her local community orchestra. Lady J enjoys listening to music of all kinds, singing karaoke, and watching college football. She loves spending time with her husband, family and friends, and her orange tabby cat named Tango.