Staff Bios - Mike Poulin

Mike Poulin is a contributing recapper, currently covering TNA Impact Wrestling and TNA Wrestling Pay-Per-Views, Ring of Honor TV, and NWA on Fire TV, among others. He is also a contributing host on Ring the Bell every Tuesday night at 9PM ET on the AngryMarks Podcast Network.

Mike is from Benton, ME. Mike has been a wrestling fan since 1992 and has followed just about every major company in the last 15 years. His earliest memories consist of watching a lot of WWF Superstars whenever the show was on at a fair timeslot. The first angle he remembers was the infamous Papa Shango/Ultimate Warrior curse angle. If the Internet had been around at that time, any part of that angle would have been gifts for someone!

The first live event Mike attended was in July 1992 at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, ME. It was a big Wrestling Challenge Taping which featured Bret Hart taking on Shawn Michaels in the very first ever (albeit unrecognized) Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title. The match can be found on the Best of the Ladder Matches DVD. Mike's first Wrestling PPV was Wrestlemania X, which he believes to be one of the best Wrestlemanias of all time.

Over the years, Mike has been to many wrestling events, whether it be WWE or indie shows. He usually tries to attend about a half a dozen shows a year. Mike has seen some great former superstars (like The Honkytonk Man, Tony Atlas, and Tito Santana) while following his local wrestling fed, which he's talked about on the site before. In recent years, Mike has found some really good indie Wrestling from promotions like Ring of Honor, SHIMMER, and Northeast Wrestling. He would recommend Northeast Wrestling to anyone from the Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New York areas.