Staff Bios - Adam Bogan

Adam Bogan is a lifelong wrestling fan from the outskirts of Sacramento, California. His earliest memory of being an inside fan is seeing Mean Mark Callous on WCW a little while before seeing the Undertaker debut. Then, being sort of smartened up about gimmicks, but not really, telling all the mark first graders at Sheldon Elementary School that the Undertaker's real name was Mark Callous.

Adam is a proud graduate of UC Davis, where he was lucky enough to talk wrestling with John Morrison before John went to Tough Enough, and is thus well educated enough to mention the "Shaman of Sexy" in his bio in an attempt to "get the rub." It was actually the success of John that has in large part led Adam, to become utilize his writing and critical abilities in the world of sports entertainment journalism.

Adam is currently living in West Virginia and working as a substitute teacher, but will return to Northern California for graduate school later this fall. He does not have cable or satellite, nor MyNetwork TV, and thus watches a crap-load of wrestling related DVDs.