Staff Bios - Garrett Gonzales

Garrett Gonzales (GG) was lucky to have been a HBO child growing up. His father made sure to watch all of the big HBO fights and he also was able to watch older fights because of his next door neighbor’s fight collection on VHS. He was well versed in the sweet science at a young age. He turned to pro wrestling in early 1986, catching on during the early Hulkamania years. Though he stayed with it through the years, he has a topsy turvy relationship with pro wrestling, disgusted with what the wrestlers have to go through, but also still amazed at what they can do in the ring. MMA captured his attention in the early 2000s, though he remembers watching an early UFC card in the mid 90s.

Through Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer he became a MMA lurker, reading all about the struggles that UFC had to go through. And then, after watching Tito Ortiz dismantle Ken Shamrock in 2002, he was starting to turn the corner. In 2005, he was hooked and decided that he enjoyed writing about the happenings in the octagon just as much as he liked watching them.

GG is the owner of, which first started as Mixed Martial Arts blog. But as he sought out writers, it became obvious that there was a great crossover between the MMA and pro wrestling fans. As he looked at the name fight game, it immediately brought boxing to mind as well. Thus, was born as a multi-tiered platform for bloggers to write about three different sports.