03/26/07: Joey Mercury Released by WWE

Date: 03/26 5:08 PM
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Written by Stevie J

The latest AngryMarks.com Podcast appears to have been prophetic. When Joey Mercury's name came up in a "things Stevie J was wrong about" discussion, it was mentioned that Mercury had been on the chopping block for some time before his face got split open, and that working an angle based on the injury had probably saved his job. We now know that his job tenure was only extended by three months, because WWE released Mercury today. They didn't even "wish him well in future endeavors," they just dropped the hatchet and "agreed on his immediate release." Ouch. No WrestleMania payday for one-half of one of the coolest WWE tag teams in the last five years; but on the flipside Johnny Nitro can finally shine on his own full time and not be put back into tag matches whenever McMahon has an itch he wants to scratch.

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